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Salon Support Revs Up Its DC

New case study: Salon Support: The nation’s largest family-owned provider of tanning products and services copes with an annual 47% rate of growth...

WMS and The Small to Mid-Sized Company

Does it Make Sense for Your Company to Implement a Warehouse Management System? The issues are many and varied, but the right partner can make all the difference when it comes to WMS selection and implementation.

Measurable business results. We guarantee it.

CEI Logistics is committed to helping warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution clients achieve measurable business benefits. We’re confident in our ability to provide tangible results. We’re so confident that we created the Guaranteed Results Program.

Distribution Operation Experts...

More details on the ways we help distribution, warehousing, and other order fulfillment and picking operations...

We provide consulting services for distribution centers and warehouses for a wide variety of companies and organizations. The slate of activities offered by CEI Logistics includes: Facility Design, Process Improvement, Space Optimization, Material Flow Analysis, Material Handling Systems Design & Integration, Simulation, Labor Analysis, Product Slotting, Information Systems, and more...

Order Fulfillment Systems

Order Fulfillment Systems, Methodologies, and Resources

A site detailing order fulfillment issues from the perspective of everyone involved, from senior management to engineering. Packed with articles and information on processes, systems, ROI, equipment variables, and much more.

To start  your warehouse or distribution center on the road to high performance, contact CEI Logistics toll-free, or utilize our CEIL 24-Hour Contact form for fast response.

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-Michael Wachowiak
Dassault Falcon Jet

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